Petroleum Gulf Energy (PGE) is a prominent player in the energy, oil, and gas trading industry, specializing in Arab Gulf's energy market. Our journey began in 2011 when we commenced operations in Turkey under the name of TFA KIMYA, registered in the same year. Initially, we focused on supplying oil derivatives with FOB and CFR terms to UAE destinations, catering to both the local market and international demands.

As our operations experienced remarkable growth, we recognized the immense potential and opportunities available in the UAE and other energy hub countries. Consequently, we established Petroleum Gulf Energy (PGE) in the UAE to expand our presence in the local market and serve as a gateway between suppliers and end-users. PGE's global activities now extend beyond the UAE, reaching other energy hub countries as well.


At PGE, we are committed to delivering the most tailored and effective solutions to our clients. We understand the importance of simplifying your supply chain while achieving measurable results. Continuously striving for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we actively seek out and improve upon the most optimal ways to handle products through the supply chain. This dedication allows us to adapt to the changing business environment and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

With a steadfast focus on comprehensive goals and a relentless pursuit of excellence in our services, we invite you to join us in our success story. Trust us with your most complex and critical logistics needs in the Middle East, and we guarantee an unwavering commitment to completing your supply chain.


PGE has gained recognition as the preferred trading partner for oil derivatives in the local market. This reputation has been built on consistently offering agile partnerships to our trading customers, leveraging our extensive market knowledge and reliable access to a diverse portfolio of products.

Maintaining the highest standards is of paramount importance to us. We uphold rigorous health, safety, environmental performance, and quality standards across all our operations. Safety is the cornerstone of our business, and we are committed to achieving zero work-related illnesses and zero harm to the environment. Our open and proactive safety culture guides our actions, and we adhere to global corporate policies and procedures.

With one of the most experienced and highly qualified teams in the sector, we possess extensive operational and commercial expertise. Our team boasts a strong track record of successfully realizing large and complex projects involving oil derivatives and energy commodities. We take pride in offering our customers a wide range of oil derivatives products at competitive prices, accompanied by high delivery quality.

Our product portfolio includes Fuel oil, Gasoline, Gas oil, Mixed Hydrocarbon, Light Hydrocarbon, PYGAS, Naphtha, RPO, Base oil, Cutter Stock, and more.

Financial Projections: Our financial projections for the next five years showcase a steady increase in revenue and profitability, fuelled by trading activities and the mini refinery project. We have conducted a comprehensive financial analysis, factoring in investment costs, operational expenses, and revenue projections from both local and international markets.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): At PGE Group Limited, we are committed to sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility. We understand the importance of environmental conservation and social development, and we strive to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Our CSR initiatives include:

  • Environmental Protection: Incorporating eco-friendly practices in refinery operations to reduce carbon emissions and minimize the ecological impact.
  • Community Engagement: Contributing to local communities through social welfare programs, education, and skill development initiatives.
  • Workplace Safety: Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for employees through robust safety measures and employee well-being programs.